Orange Swiss roll cake

November 11, 2006 yuki

Orange roll cake

I grew up eating slices of Swiss rolled cakes from local Chinese bakeries for breakfast. Some friends have once commented about how lucky I was that I get to eat cake for breakfast, and my reaction was simply “why not?” Being very Chinese, we’ve been eating pretty much anything for breakfast: cakes, leftovers, PIZZA (yes, we eat leftover pizza for breakfast…), etc… I’ve actually never eaten pancakes or waffles until I was around 18, and I even usually ate them for lunch! For me, cake was a breakfast food, and dinner leftovers were tasty alternatives. Yogurt, muffins, granola, etc. were only eaten as snacks

Anyhow, I’ve been trying to figure out how they made those ‘egg rolls’, as we call them. I’ve bookmarked several jelly roll cake recipes for ages, and have done several attemps, but since I don’t own a pan large enough to bake the cake in, I have always ended up with unevenly cooked disasters! After a few failures, I simply gave up.

Recently I have been craving for this cake, so I’ve decided to try again. I wrapped some parchment paper around my 10×15″ silicone mat, and made a pan that way. The cake ended up having very rounded corners, but after trimming and rolling, it looks and tastes exactly like the ones from the bakeries!

Unfortunately, I got lazy and just rolled the cake with parchment instead of a towel (something less to wash!), so the thin golden skin got stuck away. I’ve also used Dream Whip instead of real whipped cream to save some calories and threw in some orange zest to make it a little more un-plain.

Taste-wise and look-wise, it was a total success! :D On top of that, it’s not too sweet, completely fat-free (aside from the egg yolks), and very light in calories! It’s also quite “customizable” – I can make different combinations of flavours for the cake/filling to suit my moods… No more store-bought rolls for me no mo’! :9


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