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Potsticker Dumplings

Potsticker dumplings

I have been cooking and baking and taking pictures for all this while, but for some reason I was just too lazy to post them up… Well today, I’ve finally moved my lazy bum to post them all up at the same time! :D

I think I have more pics still in my camera… so there’s more coming up! ^_~

Anyway, I’ve made these dumplings ages ago – I made the skin from a recipe that calls for half hot water and half cold, which worked wonders – though I wouldn’t know the difference anyway, as this is my first time making dumpling skin. I’ve followed the filling recipe from, but I’ve tried to add in gelatinized stock to make those soup-in-dumplings filling, but failed miserably at it. So, no recipe yet!


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Glutinous rice dumplings!

Glutinous rice dumplings are possibly one of my favorite foods, after ribs and sweets. I usually don’t like rice products, like rice crackers, mochi, congee, or just plain rice, but for some reason I’m a big fan of these dumplings. I love the light flavor of the lotus leaves, and I’ve found out that reheating dumplings by steaming instead of re-boiling gives them much more flavor – probably because the flavor stays on the rice instead of being boiled into the water.

Chinese - 09-09-06 - Glutinous rice dumplings 1

Chinese - 09-09-06 - Glutinous rice dumplings 2
I’ve been wanting to make my own glutinous rice dumplings, but I never had the chance to do it because I never knew the Asian grocery stores around the street carried bamboo leaves! Anyhow, these are supposedly Hakka-style ‘chung’s, but I find they taste way too much of Chinese five-spice powder (is that normal?), so I won’t post the recipe up. I also boiled them for two hours (most recipes call for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours, but another recipe says 2 to 2 1/2 hours, so I chose 2), and the green beans turned to mush! Aaaw! >.< Oh well, next time I’ll know – and when I figure out a decent recipe, I’ll post it up :D

Chinese - 09-09-06 - Glutinous Rice Dumplings

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